Professional, Accurate and Prompt pipe and cable locating

The aim of Lost Pipe is to provide a service for the Queensland market (primarily South East) in the field of location and detection of underground and/or concealed services. Lost Pipe provides a full range of the latest detection equipment required for the location and inspection of sewer, stormwater and water pipes, and gas, electrical and data conduits. As an independant operator with the latest technological equipment we are able to provide the following benefits to all clients

  • Minimise time spent pinpointing service locations.
  • Minimise impact of the repair work on your property.
  • Eliminate guesswork as to location of services and/or faults.
  • Determine estimates of repair costs more accurately, knowing where and how deep the fault is, before any excavation begins.
  • Aid in mapping underground services with accurate location of pipes, fittings, conduits etc.
  • Diagnose nature and location of faults in plumbing & cable systems both internal and external.
  • Establish precise location of underground services prior to excavation.
  • Inspection of existing plumbing & cable systems in buildings before purchasing of property.
    Lost Pipe has in place our own systematic quality standards and procedures, and we are Telstra accredited

    Our Specialist Team is now available for locating and leak detection work Australia-wide.