If you have lost pipes or cables, or would just like a video of your
drainage system for your home or office records.

Lost Pipe can sure help you!!!

We can be contacted by any of the following

Postal address: PO Box 67 Everton Park, Brisbane, Q 4053
Mobile: 0438 747 500
Email: Lost Pipe
ABN: 63808660886

We look forward to an opportunity of being of assistance

Here it is: The Disclaimer

It must be clearly understood that due to limitations of the instruments used, they will on occasion give no indication of the presence of concealed services, including cables or pipes. Earthenware/Clay/China and PVC or asbestos pipes can only be located via a trace cable (inserted or attached) or cable with a sonde attached. Our trained, certified staff will determine the location and position of concealed services and or water leakage when requested, to the best of their capability with the latest equipment, all results relayed to the client being the most accurate information for the client to then use at their discretion. Confirm position by pot-holing is advised. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the area is clear of services by hand digging or utilising non destructive digging techniques.