1.Pipe & cable location

The RD4000 is the world's first web-enabled cable and pipe location system. Including on-line upgrades, access support, system reconfiguration, ability to download extra features, frequency upgrades, quickly and easily via an Internet connection. This technology enables Lost Pipe to offer the most up to date and reliable service at all times
2.Pipe & cable location

The SeekTech SR-60 Locator by RIGID.
SeekTech Receivers with their large display give you the information you need when you need it to locate more with greater certainty.

The Mapping Display confirms a good locate signal and identifies distortion in congested areas using:
  • Target Line Guides the operator down the line and shows changes in direction.
  • Left-Right Guidance Arrows Points the operator to the target utility.
  • Proximity Signal and Signal Strength Helps the operator center the locator closer to the target for more confident locates.
Other features include:
  • Continuous Depth Increase productivity by showing depth changes in real time.
  • Omni-Seek Increase accuracy and efficiency when searching in passive mode. Continuously searches passive power and radio bands to locate and avoid unknown metallic lines.
  • User Defined Frequencies RIDGID SeekTech receivers can be configured with up to 30 user defined frequencies.
The SR-60 is for users wanting the fastest, easiest, most versatile receiver available. Choose the SR-60 for fast confident locates even under tough locate conditions (poor conductors, poor soil conditions, poor grounding, etc.)

3.Leak detection and location

The RD500 is an effective solution for locating buried nonmetallic water pipes. It is simple to use and comprises of TransOnde transmitter and a hand held Receiver.

The TransOnde is fitted to a fire hydrant or tap and an internal oscillator reacts to water flow. This applies a distinct pressure wave to the water in the pipe, which is detected by a seismic sensor in the Receiver.

The Sewerin Aquaphon is an Electro-acoustic water leak detection tool used with absolute accuracy for detecting leaks in any pipeline under ground, concrete, bitumen or in wall situations.

The same tool can be used for pipe and cable location as well.

4.Video capture of problem and solution

GatorCam2's inspection System is a comprehensive and flexible package and represents one of the industry's most user-friendly inspection systems. This system provides an easy and accurate way of finding solutions to most drainage problems in full colour, with the added facility of video to record the problem as seen on location. It also enables reliable location of pipes and cables as well as a sonde built in to the camera head.

5.Industrial waterproof fibrescope

Lightscope testing and visual inspection for automobiles, industrial machinery, gas, internal walls, under & inside areas under baths etc.
The Lightscope offers ease of use and unrivalled cost performance for visual inspection of cavities and hollow spaces. Light is shone on an object via optical fibre, a lens system sends clear images to the eyepiece.

Future services:

1.Flow and pressure testing
2.Pipe freezing and repair
3.Duct inspection and cleansing